Plate bending machine

CNC ship plate bending machine WEF11K-35×21000, ranks NO.1 in China, meanwhile is the largest one all over the world. Ultra-large type CNC ship plate bending machine WEF11K-40×23000 has been listed into

“National major science and technology projects”

a. Bring in German advanced technology, so far the machine is the optimal model in China

b. Double motor driven three-roll bending machine can eliminate the mechanical interference caused by rolls and workpieces and improve transmission efficiency.

c. Apply CNC automation operation system designed by ourselves  

d. Flexible deflection compensation to ensure bending precision.

e. Both rolls can move simultaneously or separately to magnify press ability of equipment.



CNC bending machine with bottom roller adjustment

a. Thickest machine in the domestic bending market. Cold bending plate can reach to 350mm and hot plate to 450mm.

b. Both rolls can move simultaneously or separately, proceeding with pre-bending without turning round of material.

c. Bottom rolls are driven separately and adopt self-aligning mill-roll bearing with small frictional resistance and low energy consumption.

d. Upender is set beneath the bed, compacting the whole machine structure and reducing volume.



Full automatic CNC four-roll bending machine

a. Most convenient bending machine with highest precision and efficiency in the market

b. Complete end pre-bending and shaping of plate without adjusting head, and the remaining sides are least in all kinds machines.

c. Production efficiency is 50-100% higher than other kinds bending machine


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